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Space and time for you.

One to ones and women's circles with Kate.

For all women.

If you are feeling the pull to connect with other women, to form meaningful friendships, to talk and listen and laugh together, this is the place. 

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, on the brink of burn out or simply in need of a listening ear, this is the place. 

Through one to one therapeutic coaching or group circles you will find calm, compassionate conversation here.

Come as you are, take what you need. 

Time and space for you. Everything else can wait, when you are here there is nowhere else you need to be. 


Join me to be held and heard

Join me to be safe and nurtured

Join me to relax and recharge.

Join me to process trauma, anxiety or change and share your story. 

Join me to simply indulge in being your most authentic self. 

This is your time, because we all need some time. 

Natalie says 'My circle is genuinely the highlight of my week. When I walk in I feel the stress of everything lessen. There's no judgement, just compassion, support and friendship. Meeting Kate and joining circle has made such a massive difference, I will always be so incredibly grateful.' 

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Bliss says "Kate immediately puts you at ease, you feel her warmth and compassion from the moment you arrive"

Alex says "Circle is such a safe, calming and warm sanctuary"

Lucy says "I felt comfortable and at ease straight away"
"It was totally lovely"

Hannah says "I enjoyed the openness of the group, we talked about such a range of topics. It was a totally different experience from other groups I have been in, or even from a conversation with friends. Kate was so accommodating and the cake was delicious!"

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