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What are circles?

...and why should you join us?

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Women's circles for all women, you will find a space for you here. 

Circles are simply spaces where you will be heard. A group of beautiful souls who will listen to and truly hear you. A typical circle involves a grounding meditation, check ins with our little tribe, reflection and discussion around a theme, perhaps some journaling, and a closing relaxation. 

We aren't your usual 'chat over tea and cake' (although we do do that too!) we indulge in pure relaxation, we encourage deeper connections. We discuss the hard parts, the painful things, the things you might not talk to your friends about. Circles can be such powerful spaces, discussions are often raw, emotional and heartfelt. As a trainee psychotherapist I hold this space for you in a safe and therapeutic way. This is not therapy though, this is our women's circle. Soul spaces. Beautiful, nourishing, nurturing spaces. 

We will have your back, we will be your tribe. We will support you. 

This is your place. 

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