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One to Ones

Life Coaching

Working online or face to face at Kate's home office you can book  one to one sessions to really help you explore you in a safe, supportive environment. Kate has multiple counselling and psychotherapy qualifications and has recently obtained a certificate in Life Coaching from Cambridge University. She has also completed the Blossom and Berry Diploma in Maternal Wellbeing. This time is yours, you can use it to discuss any concerns or anxieties, to plan your return to work, to navigate changing relationships or simply to carve out some time for guided relaxation and meditation. Babies are welcome to attend one to ones with you and Kate can also offer a bespoke package of baby massage , baby yoga, colic consultation and baby sleep support to compliment your own program.  Email to book in for a taster or a bespoke program

Woodland Circles

All the calm, compassion and connection you will find in our regular circles, but with the added power of nature. Gather under the sky, beneath the trees, nestled in the woodland. Take time to sit and breathe the air, listen to the birdsong, feel the ground, gaze at the stars. Usually combined with a sound bath or similar special event these circles really are gorgeous places to be. 

Mum and Baby Circles

You will be welcomed into our warm, compassionate circle with a smile, a slice of cake and a hot drink. A beautiful, calming space for you, mum. A place to meet other mothers, to connect meaningfully and share each other's journey. Starting with a grounding exercise we move around the group with check ins, offering support, advice or simply the time and space to be heard. We often engage in journaling, mindful meditations, baby bonding activities or breath work. Compliment your program of baby focussed activities with one that is all about honouring you as a mother and an individual. 

Evening Retreat

Our 'signature circle.'

An intimate gathering of mothers/ grandmothers/ step- mums etc. 

Start by grounding yourself in our beautiful woodland studio setting, each circle holds a theme and is entirely tailored to the needs of the group. The women in our evening retreat are indulged in 2.5 hours of pure compassion, from the moment you enter the space your shoulders will drop. You will find your soul sisters here. 5/6 other women who truly and honestly have your back. Each block forms a tight community of mothers being each others cheerleaders. We hold you, hear you and see you. Together in circle we are strong. 

We relax, meditate, journal, discuss, breathe and move. We laugh, cry, share and listen. These are magical spaces.

Join us. 

Journal Circles

Creative journaling, using paint, colour, collage and the written word to assist you in finding the time and space to process your journey. The conversations held over our journals are often especially powerful, while our eyes are down and our hands are busy our minds are free. Explore journaling in a completely supportive and  non-threatening environment, no experience or perceived artistic talent required, journaling is all about the process and never about the outcome.

We begin with a warm drink and a grounding exercise and close with a meditation, this circle is a calm, relaxing, safe space for you mum. 

All materials provided, babies and children welcome to attend with you. 

Online Circles

Join a global community of women who come together remotely to reflect, to process, to share. The gatherings are small and intimate to enable meaningful discussions to emerge. Circles are held on a theme and you will be supported in your reflections and in processing your journey. 

Get your favourite blanket out, make yourself a hot drink and log in to find a soulful, beautiful group of sisters who have your back, wherever you might be. 

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