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About Kate

Passionate about helping people get to know themselves

Hi, thank you for taking the time to find my page and to learn a little bit about me. I'm Kate, founder facilitator at The Circle Sessions and holder of space for women. I have a background in education, and spent ten years working in deprived schools, nurturing vulnerable children and families, coaching them and supporting them to achieve some truly remarkable things. I am incredibly proud of the work I did in schools, particularly with Ark Schools, a truly transformational organisation where I was a senior leader working with children and their families from 3-18 years old. However, following the birth of my eldest child it was time to move on and follow my heart on its next journey. 


During my first maternity leave I found myself drawn to understanding the 'why' behind people's behaviour. I wanted to help people understand themselves better, through a more gentle approach. I realised my role was not to 'fix' but to listen, to hold, to coax people towards the answers they already had. I began my training in Counselling and Psychotherapy and was hooked. Understanding people was my passion, helping them to live more fulfilled, stable, calm and happy lives was my calling. Through my own journey into motherhood I also realised that I was deeply passionate about serving other women. About holding safe, nurturing spaces for them to be listened to. And hence... The Circle Sessions was born. I trained in holding space in circle, a therapeutic space, and I completed training in all kinds of baby care, including baby massage, wellness, yoga and colic, and I was ready to meet you in circle. I found that some women were apprehensive about joining the group straight away and hence I completed a qualifications in Life Coaching and Counselling alongside my ongoing psychoanalytic training which complements my therapeutic background and provides me with a solid skillset to hold space for individuals too. 


 I am so honoured to be doing this work and holding this space for you. Whether you join a group or a one to one, the power of women supporting other women, simply by being truly present for them, meeting them wherever they might be, is the most incredible thing to be a part of. I am humbled to be a part of each space that I hold, and I believe I truly witness the magic of connection every single time we gather.

I enjoy being outside, particularly by the sea when it's a bit rough and wild. Look out for our circles in nature if you would like to share this passion. I am part of a four human, one dog family and my husband and children are quite simply my rocks. The pooch can be a bit pesky but he is often the reason I get my face into the fresh air everyday and so for that I am truly grateful.

The one common theme which threads all the versions of myself together is that I love people. I love understanding them and my mission is to help them understand themselves a little better. We cannot explore and get to know ourselves in isolation, we can only truly understand ourselves through the lens of our relationships with others. This is why we need circles.


Compassionate analysis of the self, through the lens of companionship... or just a tea, some cake and a chat. Whatever you're here for I am here for you, by your side, in your circle. 

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